List of Sea Animals, Sea Animals List

Sea Animals (Animales del mar)

English / Inglés Spanish / Español “Spanunciation”
Crab Cangrejo kreb
Dolphin Délfin dálfin
Shark Tiburón shark
Eel Anguila íol
Gray whale Ballena gris gréi uéiol
Jellyfish Medusa yéolifesh
Killer whale Orca kéler uéiol
Lobster Langosta lábster
Manta ray Mantarraya ména réi
Octopus Pulpo áktapos
Oyster Ostra óister
Seal Foca síol
Turtle Tortuga tértol
Sealion León Marino sí láion
Squid Calamar skuéd
Seahorse Caballito de mar síjors
Starfish Estrella de mar stár fesh
Angel fish Chiribico éinyel fesh
Seagull Gaviota sígol
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8 Responses to List of Sea Animals, Sea Animals List


    coffycake mullbear is under my chiny chin chin

  2. andrew says:

    not what i wanted

  3. Great website I needed it

  4. jo blow says:

    got to be more than those listed

  5. rachel says:

    need more animals. take off seagull

  6. Emily Wallace says:

    Okay but needs more

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