List of Encouraging Words, Words of Encouragement List

List of Encouraging Words, Words of Encouragement List,

Students, Juniors & Young Ones they always seek for the words of encouragement from YOU. And its one’s sole duty to encourage them. Here are a few words to help you out.

Wow!                           Great job!                  Now you’ve got it!

Awesome!                   Outrageous!              You have a lot of talent

Superior!                     Fantastic!                  Very much improved.

Right on!                     Outstanding!             You’re the best!

Nice job.                      I’ll take that.             That’s a commendable job.

Wonderful.                 Fabulous!                   You can do it!

Good going!               You’re great!              That’s thoughtful of you.

Groovy!                     Hang ten!                    You’re good at this.

Good job.                   Good work.                 Keep up the good work.

Clever!                       Correct!                       I liked the way Mat cleaned his desk.

Incredible!                Impressive!                 I like the way Mark raised his hand.

Nice work.                I’m proud of you.         Now that’s creative!

Bravo!                       Applause.                      It’s been a pleasure to be with you.

Hug.                          Hot dog!                         Hamburger, two fries and a shake!

Shaka sign.              Give me five!                 You are very precious!

🙂                               Smile!                              Kawabanga dudes!

Laugh!                     That’s hip!                      That was BAD! 🙂

That’s nice.              I’m touched.                  That’s so funny! Ha Ha Ha!

Terrific!                    Thank you.                    I can see you enjoy learning.

Great!                       Good cooperation.        You were very courageous.

Whoopie!                 That was fun.                 I like your enthusiasm.

Aha!                         Great!                             You really outdid yourself.

Artistic!                  Chicken skin                   You are very intelligent.

Cool!                       I like malama too!          I appreciate the encouragement!

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